Welcome to Crossfire Church

Welcome to Crossfire Church

Greetings – we’re so glad you stopped by to see us!
So what’s up with Crossfire Church?  Crossfire is a unique inter-denominational fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ.

Inter-denominational simply means that our church family consists of a variety of denominational backgrounds with one main goal:  directed by the Great Commandment (love God – love people)  purpose to fulfill the Great Commission (win + disciple souls)

Our vision at Crossfire is to create a life giving atmosphere – where real people – can encounter – the real God.

We do this by what we call the ABC’s of a healthy church.

A – Acceptance. We accept people as they are and believe God will do His work of drawing them to Himself – convicting of sin, producing repentance and producing fruit (evidence of salvation)

B – Belonging: We’re a family of believers growing together through encounters with Jesus in worship, prayer, fellowship and preaching of the Word. We belong to Jesus and to each other.

C – Celebration: We celebrate the many gifts that God’s people possess as they fulfill their greatest potential in God’s Kingdom. This produces spiritual development and personal growth.

We’d love for you to visit Crossfire Church – and until then -