Next Steps

Next Steps

Step ONE. Become A Member

At step ONE, you will see how to become a member of Crossfire Church. You’ll learn about our vision and values, and how we achieve it. We will introduce you to our Board of Advisors, and explain about the finances of the church. Lastly, we will invite you to become a member of the Crossfire Church family.  

Step TWO. Discover Your Design

At step TWO, you will discover your design, and be taken through the details of your personality, using a personality assessment. You will see how your design reveals your purpose in life, and your best fit in ministry. Everyone is a “10” is some area! 

Step THREE. Develop Your Leadership

At step THREE, you will learn to develop your leadership, and find out what it means to increase your influence. Our purpose in this class is to develop the full leadership potential that is inside of you.

Step FOUR. Join The Team

At step FOUR, you will have an opportunity to join a team! Here we put it all of the pieces together for you. We take account of your personality, interests, giftings, and then give you an opportunity to put it into practice. This is really where the fun begins for most people. There is nothing better than making a difference with the gifts that are inside of you.