Dream Team Opportunities

1546103_710954025583365_2009487929_nWould you like to operate sound?

Crossfire Church has opportunities to serve as Sound Operator for both of our services.  Two positions available to serve on this Dream Team for the church. See Lance Harnsongkram or Josh Noote for more details.

Slide14Light Operator Opportunity

We have two opportunities for someone to serve as lighting operators. One person for the Saturday Evening Service and one person for the Sunday Morning Service.  Please see Lee Bailey or contact him at lee@leefarrarbailey.com if you would like to serve.

1525387_710953892250045_1776717753_nChoir Auditions


Crossfire Church is now holding choir auditions.  See Josh Noote for more information.



Audio Team: The audio team exists to create an incredible listening experience for the congregation, so they may easily enter into worship, and experience God though music and preaching. If you enjoyed the music or the sermon, please know that it is made possible by our Audio Team!

Celebrate Recovery: Celebrate Recovery is a world wide, Biblically based program that deals with a multitude of life issues. It addresses hurts, habits and hang-ups in a way that causes an individual to finally be free by teaching the principals that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount. Join us for worship, study, prayer and fellowship each Thursday @7PM.

Communion Team: Jesus commanded His followers to remember His death and resurrection through the practice of communion. The communion team serves to facilitate this very special event in the body of Christ. (first weekend of the month).

Kings Café: The King’s Café is a warm environment, where people can gather before service to drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate, eat donuts, relax, talk, and hang out before service. The King’s Café team desires to share the love of Christ while serving the best coffee on the planet.

Kids Check-In: Kids Check-In is where parents can securely check in their kids before service. Warm smiles, clear procedures,  and helpful team members is what you’ll find here! The specialty of this team is to create an environment of security by checking-in all kids, ages 0-5.

King’s Kids ages 6-12: King’s Kids is a vibrant ministry to children, ages 6-12. At this age, kids are becoming disciples of Christ – they’re learning Biblical lessons and being taught how to apply them at home, at school, on the playground, and in the neighborhood. Being a kid is not easy these days so we want to equip them with Biblical wisdom, strength and courage so they can be like Daniel and David and Esther in our day.

Little Lambs ages 3-5: The Little Lambs is a place of loving care, where seeds of faith and the love of Christ are planted early on. The Team leaders model a strong Christian faith, while teaching spiritual truths from God’s word in a manner that is appropriate for their age.

Little Angels (Nursery): The Little Angels Nursery is for ages 0-2. What a ministry for those who love kids and know how to demonstrate it. These are the helpless ones that rely totally on those who are called watch over them. The purpose is to be a haven of safety, love and acceptance for our “little angels.”

Multi-Media photography and power-point: Visual media is one of the most powerful mediums for communicating, especially in today’s world. The media team is a crucial part of our Dream Team. They strive to serve as the communication hub of Crossfire Church by supplying such things as visual announcements for pre-service and service time, stills for the Crossfire Facebook page, and the Website. If you enjoy working with computers, taking pictures, or simply the creative type, then this ministry could be for you.

Newcomers Team: If you’re a people person, then you will fit in very well here! The newcomer’s team has the unique privilege of being the first faces that our guests see on Sunday. They are the “warm” personalities in the church often seen at the doors, greeting people as they come in. Their mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ by reaching out to those who are new to the church.

Landscape Team: The beautiful landscape you see when driving onto the Crossfire grounds is the result of the Landscape Team, under the leadership of Larry Bridevaux. The purpose of the Landscape Team is to create a place that exhibits the glory of God through beautiful landscapes. If you love to garden, weed, water, plant, mow lawns, etc. then this ministry is right up your alley!

Temple Team: If you’re good with your hands, a craftsman, a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, or an all around handy-man, you’ll fit right in with this crew. They maintain this beautiful facility. They also take on projects that only they could tackle. Their expertise individually is amazing but the team effort is a powerful force as they keep God’s property in an atmosphere of excellence.

Ushers Team: The Ushers are an indispensible part of our Dream Team. They are the ones who know where everything is, where your kids are supposed to go, and most importantly, where the bathrooms areJ. They are also quite skilled in troubleshooting any problems that arise. Overall, they prepare a physical atmosphere of excellence for those who come on the weekend so it can be the absolute best experience that they’ve had all week.

Worship Team: There’s nothing quite like celebrating the presence of God through music! It’s a crucial aspect of what we do here. Our goal in the music portion of the service is that real people would encounter the real God. 

In Scripture, music is always an integral part of worshipping God. It moves our focus from self to the Lord, it chases away oppression and plows up the ground of our heart to receive instruction from the Lord. If you are a skilled musician and/or singer, you can audition at certain times to become part of a weekend worship team or the Crossfire Choir.

CROSSFIRE CONNECT TEAM (LIFE GROUPS): Crossfire Church is growing larger all the time, but how do we keep that small church atmosphere as we grow? Life Groups is the answer. Life Groups provide a safe haven for those who desire more intimate relationships, a deeper look at God’s Word and the power of prayer. Life Groups truly connects the Body of Christ. You may be looking for an opportunity to use your God given gifts to lead, teach and disciple. Life Groups are an excellent way to serve God by serving others.